Weight iframe

Weight iframe

Diamonds are weighed in “carats” or “points” prior to being set into jewelry. A one carat diamond weighs one fifth of a gram.

Weight is further broken down by points. A one carat diamond has 100 points. A 1/4 carat diamond is approximately 23 points to 28 points; a 5/8 carat diamond is approximately 58 points to 69 points; and so on.

The difference between quantity and quality
A diamond’s weight doesn’t always reflect its size. In most cases, the secret to unleashing the beauty from within a diamond is to cut away weight from the bottom of the raw stone. If this is not trimmed off, you end up paying for weight that does not make the diamond look bigger while also detracting from its beauty. This is why you want to compare diamonds by their diameter (or dimensions viewed from the top), not their weight.

How does size affect price?
Diamonds are priced like lobsters – the larger they are, the more costly per pound. If a half carat diamond and one carat diamond have identical characteristics, the one carat diamond can cost four times more than the half carat.

Devotion provides your diamond’s weight to the nearest hundredth of a point. The weight is documented in a Devotion Diamond Grading Report; the report’s unique number is microscopically laser-inscribed on the outer edge of the diamond (3/8ths of a carat and larger).