The originator of the diamond grading nomenclature being used today is the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Devotion grades its diamonds using GIA’s “gold standard” parameters.

All diamond documents and reports, including GIA’s, carry a disclaimer that essentially states there is no guarantee that the diamond will retain the same grade if it were to be graded again at some time in the future. This is because grading involves human perception and some diamonds will fall on the “border-line” between two grades.

Why is a grading report important?

Two diamonds, even if just one grade apart, can be very different in value; therefore a detailed report about all of its characteristics is essential. All Devotion diamonds over 3/8th carat have Devotion Diamond Grading Reports. Devotion associates will use high-quality gem microscopes and varied lighting environments that will aid you in verifying the Diamond Report and in defining your taste in diamonds.

How are Devotion Diamonds graded?

Devotion uses GIA reports for some, but not all, of its diamonds prior to being cut into the patented Devotion pattern. All Devotion diamonds are stringently examined with results documented in a proprietary Devotion Grading Report. Our report provides crucial information not provided on a GIA report that will aid you in selecting a diamond. For example, we provide an internal photo rather than a plot drawing; more detailed dimensions; and additional ratings for fire, brilliance and scintillation.

For added confidence, Devotion guarantees its grades: if a Devotion Diamond submitted to the GIA receives a lower grade than the one we assign, we will replace the diamond along with a $10,000 cash payment.