Devotion Patented Cuts iframe

Devotion Patented Cuts iframe

Diamonds that burn with a brilliance all their own

Additional facets reveal
an Inner Blaze that
is described as “alive”

The patented Devotion Cut is the product of 30 years of development with the world’s most accomplished diamond cutters: a revolutionary new approach to revealing the inner brilliance of our hand-selected stones. Applying a deep understanding of how a diamond crystal interacts with light, Devotion’s own experts cut additional facets at key geometric points to reveal an Inner Blaze that is described as “alive.” The following Devotion Cut diamonds can be found only at Devotion stores and boutiques.

round diamond

The Devotion Round
The popular round (the shape as viewed from the top) brilliant diamond typically has 58 facets. The Devotion Round diamond has 70 facets, producing an extraordinary sparkle, brilliance and fire not found in the traditional round cut.

cushion diamond

The Devotion Cushion
The Devotion Cushion is a stunning reimagining of a diamond style of vintage lineage. Dating to the 1830’s, this cross between a rectangular and round shape was the most popular cut for more than a century. Devotion’s crowning achievement, our Cushion is a unique design with 77 facets and a brilliance that dramatically surpasses the traditional cushion.

princess diamond

The Devotion Princess
The square princess cut is the most popular fancy-shaped (non-round) diamond. It traditionally has 47 to 50 facets. The Devotion Princess is a unique and extremely brilliant square design with a remarkable 93 facets. The corners do not come to point, but are cut and polished to produce greater sparkle than the traditional princess. This also significantly decreases the potential of chipping or fracturing.