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Standards far above and beyond the rest of the industry

All Devotion Diamonds are exclusively hand-selected by our own discriminating, certified diamond buyers. Our expert jewelers sift through thousands of stones to select the few that meet our unapproached standards.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) provides what is considered the “gold standard” grading of key diamond characteristics for fine jewelry. Devotion begins with the GIA’s standards and then far exceeds them with much stricter parameters. In fact, 99 percent of the diamonds you will find at other stores do not meet the high standards for a Devotion Diamond.

Detailed reports attest to lasting value

99% of the diamonds
sold in America would
be rejected by Devotion

All Devotion Diamonds are documented in a proprietary Devotion Grading Report. This provides each customer with a more thorough certification process that includes advanced technical attributes about each Devotion Diamond. Devotion passes along this confidence to each customer through our diamond grading policy: if a Devotion Diamond submitted to the GIA received a lower color and clarity grade than Devotion assigned, we will replace the diamond along with a $10,000 cash payment.