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About Devotion

The patented Devotion Cut in round, square and cushion, is the product of 30 years of development with the world’s most accomplished diamond cutters: a revolutionary new approach to revealing the Inner Blaze of our hand-selected stones. Applying a deep understanding of how sawn diamond crystal interacts with light, Devotion’s own experts cut additional facets at key geometric points to reveal an Inner Blaze that can only be described as “alive.”

All Devotion Diamond rough is exclusively hand-selected and every Devotion Diamond, from a quarter point to exceptional diamonds (+5ct) are Forevermark Pipeline Integrity Certified. This means that all of our diamond product is responsibly sourced from De Beers mines and supports the sustainability efforts of the countries in which the diamonds are sourced.

The entire Devotion collection is developed and handcrafted in North America – both at our headquarters in the Swiss Alps of America™, Vermont, where we design and conduct R&D, and in Montreal, where there is a rich heritage of jewelry making.  Our generational master jewelers and technical specialists work tirelessly in our state-of-the-art facilities to bring every piece to life.

Every single engagement ring is unique and serialized and built to order for each discerning client – and every diamond in the ring, and matching band, is cut to the patented cut, using Collection/VS goods that are entirely Forevermark Pipeline Integrity Certified.  This results in a magnificent presentation that is unlike any other bridal offering. Devotion uses 18K and Platinum exclusively and provides the independent jeweler with a brand that competes with legacy pure-play luxury brands.

Devotion is simultaneously old world and new world, with charm and aesthetics that are timeless.  Old world from the perspective of our pencil and sketch process and design inspirations and new world in our use of 3D printing technologies and mastery of parametric engineering software – and on the bleeding edge of direct–to–metal printing by way of additive manufacturing. Every step of the process for Devotion is an art form and a technical feat as we push the boundaries of what has been done in the past, while creating enduring jewelry for the Devotion woman. Devotion is the Inner Blaze within us all.